So a lot of people are confused about us and the San Diego.

We went out there last summer for an internship and I was amazed at the amount of people who were surprised when we came back.

Apparently I’m a horrible communicator.

(Says the person who hasn’t blogged in months.)

So here’s what I know:

Josh has not graduated yet. He was shooting for May 2012, but now is thinking August or December. We thought a December graduation date would mean another summer internship, but he just found out today that they won’t require one.

He also found out today that he has been approved to extend his research here until at December.

So we don’t really know much. Here’s a summary:

  • We won’t be going to San Diego this summer.
  • He won’t be graduating in May.
  • Graduation will either be in August or in December.
  • Moving to San Diego permanently will follow graduation.
Am I doing alright with the communicating? It’s almost midnight. I can’t be sure.
Oh, and if you think I’m dismayed at all with the delay, you’re so wrong.
Did I mention our fourth baby is due in May? I’m quite happy to stay where I am a wee bit longer. No packing, no moving, no driving cross country. I’m one happy momma.
Also, the baby is a girl.
Also, we have a name.
Unless she comes out looking nothing like the name we’ve picked, she will be our little Evelyn Ruth.
Ruth, after my mother.
And those are our plans.
You got any plans? Do tell.