bumGenius 3.0 One-Size Review

Pictures of it in real life:





  • It is a trim diaper.
  • The velcro is very easy to figure out; tell babysitters it works just like a disposable (just don’t throw it away!).
  • The velcro makes it a very fast diaper to put on, even with the squirmiest of babies.
  • bumGenius is a brand I have found that rarely leaks, if stuffed properly and changed every three hours (unless messy (ASAP!) or a night-time, double stuffed diaper (8-10 hours)).
  • Stretchy tabs make it a comfortable, tight fit. No red marks, no leaks.
  • The velcro makes the fit the most personalized available, though I haven’t found a snap diaper that didn’t fit my baby around the waist properly.
  • One-size snaps.  They fit from around ten pounds until potty trained.
  • Velcro tabs can overlap for best fit and best contained messy diapers on-the-go.  Roll the used diaper up, wrap the tabs around and attach to each other.
  • Customer service has proven to be amazing.  Replaced the velcro tabs for my stash free of charge; I didn’t even have to pay shipping.  I did have to do the sewing, though.  They wouldn’t replace the laundry tabs at the time, but I have been told that they changed their stance on that and they are now included in the replacement packages.
  • Covers and inserts are both dryer safe.  But the covers will last longer (as will the velcro) if you hang dry.
  • These diapers must use a different brand of PUL because they are easier to stuff than both Mommy’s Touch and Fuzzi Bunz One-Size.  They are not nearly as ‘sticky’ on the inside.
  • It is very easy to shake the soiled insert from the cover without touching anything dirty. Bend back the open end with one hand, hold upside down, and shake.


  • Velcro will last long enough to use these diapers on only one child.  If you have your heart set on velcro because of ease of use, then by all means, go with these.  If you know you will only be cloth diapering for one child, go with these.  But know that if you do end up having another baby, you will have to replace your stash.
  • Laundry tabs placed to keep velcro attached to diaper during the wash (and not caught on other diapers and inserts) work for the first six months.  Then comes the “Diaper Chain.”  You go to pull one diaper out of the machine and end up with six or seven.  Not a big deal, but wears the velcro out even faster.
  • The PUL wore thin after two children.  These were the first diapers we bought and the only ones we used long enough to wear the PUL thin.  So I cannot compare this to another brand.
  • The microfiber inserts can have some stink issues.  But this is true of all microfiber, and therefore all pocket diapers that use microfiber inserts.  You have to use the right amount of soap, the right kind of soap, with the right kind of water.
  • Older babies and toddlers can undo the velcro very easily by themselves.  A downfall if you do not wish to have baby streakers. Easily solved with a onesie.