Fuzzi Bunz One-Size Review

Image from FuzziBunz site:

Pictures of it In Real Life:


  • It is a trim diaper, largely owed to the infant insert included with the diaper.  I usually use a one-size insert folded down, which makes the diaper bulkier.
  • Two inserts are included with this diaper – a small and a medium/large.  The small has the same amount of absorbent layers as the medium/large.  (Usually, they only have half.)
  • Only available in snaps.  Snaps last longer than velcro, and are harder for a toddler to undo.
  • Overlapping snaps.  Handy for small infants and messy diapers on-the-go.  Just roll it up and snap it shut.  You can’t really do that without overlapping snaps.
  • Elastic is the easiest to replace on the market.  It is not sewn in, but attached with two buttons.  Simply unbutton old elastic and button on the new!
  • Elastic is covered under a year-long warranty, when it is free from FuzziBunz themselves.  Beyond that, it is still available for a “small fee”.
  • Buttons have a lifetime warranty.
  • Basically, this diaper, barring any flaw or damage in PUL or fleece, truly should last you through multiple children.


  • It’s not as trim as a diaper that snaps down in size, due to the bulk of excess PUL that has nowhere to go.  PUL is very thin, though, mind you.  So it really only appears bulky.  Clothes still fit great over it.
  • The leg elastic pulls at the button at the top of the diaper, making the PUL gather (see the first of my pictures).  This creates a gap at the leg-hole where you really do prefer the diaper to be flush with the baby’s skin.  This gap means that when the insert gets wet, the wetness wicks through the exposed fleece onto onesies, pants, and any other fabric that touches it.  I’ve been told no one else has this problem, but we’ve experimented with all different sizing combinations to make the gap go away, but have had no success.
  • As with the Mommy’s Touch, the inside of the PUL has the texture of a balloon, making it very sticky and hard to stuff.