So as I sweep my arm across my desk to make room for the keyboard glance at my desk, I spy some pretty interesting things. And that made me wonder – are your desks this messy? What is the most unique occupier of your precious desk space?

What are the five craziest things on your desk?

  1. Two (count ’em – TWO) Pizza Express cups full of pens and pencils of all varieties. Yes, we have a pink carnation pen. And we have a candy cane pen. We have black, blue, red, purple, green pens. (I’m cheating – counting this as only one item.)
  2. A book entitled Nonlinear Systems.
  3. A plastic Oreo cup that used to contain iced tea. It was drunk so fast the four ice cubes are still at their original size and shape.
  4. Wedding pictures. Okay, so these aren’t “crazy.” But it’s still unique. So it counts. I like to look up and see the way I used to fit in my wedding dress me kissing my husband.
  5. A bright orange, plush, square kitty puzzle piece from this puzzle.

I tag:
Ashley (possibly a waste of a tag – the neat freak)
Jes (I know I can get something weird out of her)
Tree (just had a baby, has to have a crazy desk, right?)
Western Warmth (two kids and one on the way? Surely you have something “unique” on your desk)
Michelle (having just met you – is it rude to ask such a personal question as “What’s on your desk?!”?)