Mommy’s Touch Review

This reviews the one-size snap version.

From the Mommy’s Touch website:

  • 2 layers of the softest PUL on the market
  • Elastic is encased inside the 2 layers
  • No plastic or elastic comes in contact with your baby’s skin
  • Snap closure offers a one-size cover that is highly adjustable and very duarable since snaps last for quite some time
  • Touchtape offers ease of quick diaper changes
  • Waterproof outer layer in many colors and prints

Pictures of it In Real Life:


  • Easy clean “technology” – the diaper is open at both ends, so the insert comes out in the wash.  Explosive poopy?  No problem.  Just toss the whole thing in the diaper pail.  No shaking, no digging, and most importantly, NO TOUCHING.
  • Available in snaps!  Snaps last longer than velcro, and are harder for a toddler to undo.
  • Overlapping snaps.  Handy for small infants, and messy diapers on-the-go.  Just roll it up and snap it shut.  You can’t really do that without overlapping snaps.
  • Extender tabs are available for the chunkier-than-average baby/toddler.
  • The elastic is very easily replaced, since the diaper is open on both ends.  Simply turn it inside out, rip seam at the top and bottom, thread the new elastic through, and sew openings shut (sewing elastic in place at the same time).
  • It doesn’t leak.  Unless, of course, it’s been hours and hours since the diaper change and the insert it absolutely soaked.


  • Some are not fond of the unfinished look the diaper has, since it is open at both ends.
  • Of all the diapers I have, this is the most confusing snap configuration.  I would not give this to nursery workers at church or expect Grandma and Grandpa to understand it.
  • It is the bulkiest of my pocket diapers.
  • While the ouside of the PUL is very soft, the inside feels rather like a balloon in texture and this makes it one of the harder pocket diapers to stuff.  Sticky.

Price: $18.95