I am the luckiest pack-rat alive. I come with my own Can-We-Do-It-Yes-We-Can Bob The Builder. And just this past week, he solved one of our biggest apartment pet-peeves:

The Toy Mess. Oh, but that’s just the Bedroom Edition. There’s more in the living room:

We have no shelves for them. Our closets are too full for them.

I wish I could show you the state of Olivia’s closet before the Makeover. This will have to suffice:

That’s everything we pulled out of the closet in Olivia’s room. You can’t even see everything. There’s two boxes, one huge Rubbermaid container, a 3-drawer dresser, a stroller, a diaper genie, and bags upon bags of miscellaneous Junk We Will Need So Therefore We Cannot Throw It Out. And can you believe we added to this pile after the picture was taken?

Why were we so motivated to clear out the closet? We were headed to my mom’s for Christmas and she has a BASEMENT. After arranging a large portion of said BASEMENT for Natural Family storage, we went to work.

But not before I warned Josh that getting rid of all our baby belongings was a sure-fire way to invite cause for us to need them again. After all, we got pregnant with Benjamin the very same summer we put all Olivia’s baby things in Josh’s parent’s basement.

So we shall see what happens.


And then my very own Bob the Builder awed me once again with his ingenuity and craftiness with this:

Yes, he makes blueprints. He amazes me. But even more amazing was the final product:

And the previously over-cluttered toy corner? CHECK IT OUT:

And the cost? $30-$40. Now, I didn’t go out and price toy bins. But I’m thinking ours is on the cheaper end. And it’s customized. It fits. Perfectly.

If you haven’t considered creating your own toy bin, I have this advice for you: Consider it.

It worked for me!

*And if you want a full-size view of Josh’s plans to give yourself a starting point, or maybe just to, you know, copy exactly, click on the blueprint above.*