The Recipe Swap ’08 button is HERE!

(Well, technically, THERE. See? Over to your left?)

And I would greatly appreciate the mass-telling of this event.

(Which will be starting Thursday, February 28 and continuing in a Thursday-type pattern until we run out of recipe ideas.)

Because the more people you tell about this glorious happening, the more people will participate. And the more people that participate, well, the more we get to EAT.

And I like eating. Which is why I like this whole idea.

So go ahead and grab this html stuff right here:

<a href=""><p><img border="0" swap alt="Recipe" src="" title="Recipe"/></a>

Put it in your sidebar, preferrably UP AT THE TOP where people will see it (see above reasons), and be sure to have your recipe ready for this-coming-up-Thursday!

Oh, one more also-important tidbit/reminder: We will be doing this in categories. Because I like organization.

The schedule is:

Feb 28 – Snacks: The Healthy
March 6 – Snacks: The Unhealthy
March 13 – Dinners: El Cheapo
March 20 – Dinners: Family Favorites
March 27 – Dinners: Fancy Schmancy
April 3 – Crockpot Live Savers
April 10 – Desserts (a.k.a The Reason I Eat My Peas)
April 17 – Toddlers – What Do They Eat?!

April 24 – Using Leftovers:  Roast Chicken
May 1 – Using Leftovers:  Carrots and Celery or Any Other Produce Bought in Bulk
May 8 – Bread Machine Recipes
May 15 – Creature Comforts:  Casseroles
May 22 – Paws Epicer: Noitide Sdrawkcab (Does  Anyone Have a Good Recipe For…)

*If YOU have any brainstorms for Recipe Swap ideas, please let me know!  We’ll probably have to recycle through the oldies soon otherwise.*

To see past, current, but no, not future Recipe Swaps, click here.
Thank you. That is all.