Being a mere 40 (or so) minutes from the Lake of the Ozarks, we had to at least spend one day on the water.

So we rented a boat. Now the guy said you had to be eighteen, or have a valid boating license, to drive. This is how well we listen.

When we tried to remove him from the driver’s seat, he put up a bit of a fight.

Luckily we were able to trade – the steering wheel for a bottle of water. He was pleased he made out so well.

Just renting a boat with this family is a bit on the dull side so we had to splurge on a wave-runner as well. Shannon shows off her running-on-water skillz.

“Hmm… I sure would like to try that…”

Anyone know the age restrictions for riding a wave-runner? We deemed it suitable for a family vehicle.

I was glad Benjamin slept through that or he’d want a ride, too.

Whoops, spoke too soon.

His dream is now fulfilled (that’s his Uncle Noah driving there).

It was a very fun day. And it wouldn’t be right to not tell you that there was one more awesome person with us on that trip: Noah’s new bride, Aunt Ashton. But I didn’t post any pictures of her because she’s pretty ridiculously hot in her bathing suit (and it was a modest one-piece!) and I wouldn’t want to make any male readers stumble. 😉 But never you worry, she’ll be included in my last set of vacation pictures. 🙂