Think 1800 era one room school house.  Think Anne of Green Gables.  After you’re done picturing her braids being dipped in ink, remember those slates they used.  How handy, right?  Writing spelling words and sums, erasing quickly, and then writing more.  Sure saves on paper!

Well, slate is pretty rare to find these days, not to mention breakable.  So I got a Magna Doodle!

It makes spelling fun!  It also can replace the white board, if you don’t have the means to get one.  (We had to go without ours for the three months we were in Illinois, and the Magna Doodle was indispensable during that time.)  Illustrating abstract math concepts, such as addition and halves, was a breeze on the Magna Doodle!

And no, I’m  not getting paid to say this.  Nor did they give me one for free.  Or tell me to write this review.  I just think they are a great idea for the homeschooling parent, and I wanted you to know!

Do you have any homeschooling tips or tricks?


This post is a contribution to Works For Me Wednesday.