(If this picture is messed up, I blame the fact that I’m posting this via iPhone.) 🙂

These are my counters. It’s the aftermath of pizza night. And an indication of the craziness of this past week.

Josh wanted to work late on Monday, but I reminded him it was Valentine’s Day and he came home on time. But that meant that working late the rest of the week was a given.

The kids didn’t even see him on Tuesday, I don’t think. The only reason they saw him Wednesday or Thursday was because we went out to eat with him near campus. He then went back to work and we went home without him. And he came home after they were in bed.

He promised to come home on time for pizza night and he did. But now he has to go on today and tomorrow.

I’m not complaining. Just explaining. I fully support his extraordinary work ethic and I know that his time in grad school is coming to a close. Just a year and a half left. And it won’t be this crazy that whole time. He just needs to finish his experiment by Monday.

It’s just that I know I told you I would try to blog more regularly and that hasn’t happened this week. And now you know why.

I’ve had to readjust how I spend my time because the daddy, the playful parent, isn’t here as much anymore. So the house is messier and the blog is neglected, but we went to the zoo on Friday!

So how are my other WOPS (Wives of Perpetual Students) doing out there? How many of you have graduated to real life? 🙂