Q: We have cloth wipes and the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer (and a baby girl due any day now!). I was curious as to your thoughts on the warmer.

A: I love the wipes warmer.  Cloth wipes are a lot wetter than disposable wipes.  And the more wetness, the colder the wipe is!  Especially in our cold Midwestern winters in our drafty old house.

It also helps to keep the wipes fresh because of the anti-microbial additive in the plastic itself, and also the pad that goes in the bottom of the warmer.  Now, I am completely ignorant of anti-microbial additives.  I tell myself they’re using tea tree oil.  But if anyone knows better, I guess I’m willing to take my fingers out of my ears for the health of my baby butts.

Q: Also, do you take your wipes out of the washer (ie, damp) and put them in the warmer or dry them first?

A: Before we had a dryer, yes, I would put them in the warmer wet from the wash.  I would pick them out as I hung up the diapers to dry.  But now we have a dryer.  And it’s winter.  So we use it.  And it’s just too easy to throw them all in the dryer with the diapers.

Q: Are you using the same wipes solution as you posted long ago?

A: Nope!  Reason 1) I’m lazy.  Reason 2) I read that lavender and tea tree oil can have negative effects on little boys.  Reason 3) I’m lazy.  Reason 4) We were having rash issues and I just kept eliminating ingredients in our wipe solution to see if that would help.  When I got down to just water, I kept it there.  Even though the rash issues were more likely connected to detergent use.  So now I just use water!

Q: Do you do that fold technique so that they pop up like disposable wipes?

A: No.  See above.  I’m lazy.

Q: How did the kids react when you don’t have access to the warmed wipes (like when you are on the go)?

A: When I use a cloth wipe that hasn’t been warmed… it’s just painful.  They scream, they claw, they whine… Painful for everyone involved.  I try not to do that to them.  Squeezing as much water as possible out of the wipe helps, but then it doesn’t clean as well.

Q: How do you store them in your wipes travel pouch (wet, with solution, or dry, water added right before using?)?

A: I don’t take cloth wipes when we travel anymore.  I used to.  I would put them, wet, in one of those red-lidded plastic Glad containers.  But I would forget them in my purse for days/weeks and they would just get nasty.  And I’d find myself trying to get out the door, running around, packing my purse, collecting children and jackets and shoes, running five minutes late already, wishing I didn’t have to pack fresh, wet wipes every. single. time.  So I use disposable wipes on the go.  As we don’t go places very often (Read: Having three kids has made me a homebody), they last forever.

How do YOU use YOUR cloth wipes?  Do you have a favorite solution? Travel technique? Do tell!