A whole galaxy of multi-colored uppers, downers... I’ve been sick since last Wednesday.  That’s 6 days of not being able to keep any food in me.  I’ve lost at least 6 pounds.  I had to go to urgent care on Sunday to get a bag of IV fluids.  I’ve been very sick.

When we went to urgent care, Josh mentioned to the doctor that we drink raw milk and asked if that’s what could be causing this.  I was, I admit, partially afraid he might be right.  I mean, our FDA makes drinking raw milk feel like the equivalent of drinking rat poison.  No benefits, only diseases and death.  And it’s scary going against the FDA, so yeah, I was afraid I might be wrong and they might be right.

But then, why was I the only one sick?  My kids were fine, my husband was fine… we all drink the same milk.  However the doctor really picked up on that factoid about our lives and lectured me on how raw milk is bad, especially for pregnant women.  I felt like I’d put my body and my baby in danger in my quest to make us both healthier.  Then I waited 48 hours for cultures to come back, dreading what I would hear.

Well, I found out today.  It’s a bacteria called C. diff.  The first thing I did was look up what causes C. diff.  What did I do to myself to put my baby and body at such risk?

The answer?  I took an antibiotic.

C. diff is everywhere.  Air, dirt, water, grocery stores… But don’t get too scared – healthy people can fight off C. diff with ease.  God made your gut prepared with healthy bacteria to fight off the bad stuff like C. diff.  But after you take, say, clindamycin for, say, an infected cyst under your arm, your gut gets cleaned out.  And I had an infected cyst under my arm.  So I was prescribed clindamycin.  Finished my prescription about a week before I got sick.  Oh… wait…

When I look up clindamycin on teh interwebz?  The most common side affect is C. diff.

So my question is this, Mr. Urgent Care Doctor:

I told you I had been on an antibiotic for an infected cyst.  I also told you I drank raw milk.  The number one side affect of raw milk is… NOTHING.  General good health.  Honest to goodness sicknesses caused by raw milk is rare.  In fact, the CDC even admits that not a single person has died from raw milk in 11 years!  I’m actually laughing now, remembering, Mr. Urgent Care Doctor, that you asked me if I’d had a specific brand of cheese that had been causing listeria locally.  I know for a fact, that particular brand pasteurizes their milk and cheeses.  Yet it causes more sickness than well-cared for raw milk.

Right, back to my question: Why did you focus on the raw milk, then?  Why did you leave me feeling like I had failed my body and risked my baby?  It was a medicine prescribed by another doctor that had ended up causing me the harm.  Harm that could have been avoided by an accompanying probiotic.  I ate yogurt with every dosage, but not knowing my antibiotic was a top offender, I’m positive I didn’t eat enough.  And I should have continued after my prescription ran out.

Mr. Urgent Care Doctor was not a mean man.  He was genuinely concerned for me.  He was afraid for my health.  He was acting in the way he’d been taught.  I guess I’m more upset at what they teach him.  Why do natural health and hospital health have to be so polarized?  Why can’t they work together?

Mr. Urgent Care Doctor, I’m not perfect either.  You assume the worst about me… and I assume the worst about you.  You prescribed me another antibiotic to take care of my C. diff.  But I’m not taking it just because you tell me to.  I’m going to do my research first and see if there is a more natural way to cure this.  I’m going to research the prescription you gave me and see what the top side affects are.

(Funny how the side effects you can find on Google don’t match the ones on the warning sheet that come with the prescription.  Just read the one I got with my clindamycin.  C. diff isn’t mentioned on there at all. But it’s in the first sentence of the second paragraph in this Wikipedia article.)

If I can’t find anything credible and effective, then yes, I will take the prescription.  I still need hospital health.  I just wish you worked more hand-in-hand with natural health.

Instead of assuming the worst of it.


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