Well hello there!

My name is Beth and I’ve been c diff free for… Weeks now.  (I’m bad with remembering details, such as the passage of time.)

I faithfully took my $133 (after insurance) liquid antibiotic that was supposed to taste like cherries. (Ha!).  I could have gotten the pill form but that would have been $1,000.  ($4,000 before insurance.)  So I now have a new appreciation for the nasty stuff children have to swallow.

I also got a probiotic from the local grocery store with a billion live cultures per serving and took it three times a day.  With store bought kefir.  But I was still getting sick.

So, I took more drastic measure and bought myself some heavy duty probiotics from the local natural foods store.  87 billion live cultures per dose.  Once a day.  And around this time I was home again and able to make my own raw milk kefir.  Bonus probiotics.  Been healthy has a horse every since.

I’ve been declared “cured” of the c diff by medical professionals.  But from what I’ve read and been told, that just means the live and active c diff bacteria has been eradicated.  The hardier, impossible-to-kill spores that it hid all over my digestive tract are still there.  But they’ll just stay dormant as long as they aren’t threatened.  And the only thing that will really awaken them is antibiotics.  So as much as I questioned the purpose of antibiotics before, you can bet I’ll be even harder on the poor doctors now.

Really.  I’m not an easy patient.

And that’s the end (Please, God) of my story on c diff.

It really would be too corny to say “C ya, c diff” at this point.  So I won’t.  But know that I’m thinking it.