I took four kids on an all-day field trip to a historical prairie themed park! Whee!


Boy, meet Goat.


Boy, be ecstatic about said Goat.


Boy, Goat; commence frolicking.


We learned about hot air balloons. (Boy on left: mine. Boy on right: not mine. But we still like him.)


“Sooo…. if I remove it from the supply of hot air… we all die?”


Then we rode the real one!


“Those cars look like toys!” – Benjamin.


“I see a animal!” – Levi
(Olivia opted to stay on the ground.)


Evelyn was the youngest passenger. By a lot.


Then we visited the Indian village to try out their favored method of transportation. Canoeing on dry land!


Evelyn and I watched from the sidelines.


Benjamin called this the Indian Slide. We found out later it was used for skinning animals. Fun times!


Incredibly, I think this was their favorite part. More so than the balloon even.


We went to the “Store” where the “shopkeeper’s wife” tried to “sell” us some slate and soapstone. Olivia was upset when I explained it really wasn’t for sale. So now I’m off to see if Amazon can compete with the 12 cent price tag we were “offered” here.


Then we rolled down a hill.




Evelyn did *not* roll down the hill.
I repeat.
Evelyn did *not* roll down the hill.


This old house.
Is behind Olivia.




Got some sibling love going on in the background. And some sibling sword fighting in the foreground.


So. Much. Love.


I took a lot of these. Be glad you’re only getting two. And not two hundred.


Evelyn – Almost 5 months
Benjamin – 5 years
Olivia – 7 years
Levi – 3 years