To keep the kids busy in the Walmart checkout lane tonight, I began asking them trivia questions. (And rewarding them with Tic Tacs.)

I tried to make the questions age appropriate and engaging. Educational and interesting.

To Olivia, I asked mostly geography questions.

To Benjamin, mostly math.

And to Levi, “Why don’t we eat things off the Walmart floor?”


On a related note: This was our first shopping trip with our Family Christmas Present, Mr. Kindle Fire. And for the first time since I talked him into it, Josh actually looked convinced that this little splurge was worth it.

His actual word was “investment”.


So this is what it looks like for our family of six to grocery shop in 16* weather:

One cart with an infant carrier, five coats, two blankets, four hats, and two pairs of gloves.

One cart with three children watching Ice Age.

Baby in the Ergo.

Good thing we were just getting milk and fruit or Olivia would have needed to push a third cart.


And now for some recent Instagram pictures. Because that’s all I have here on my phone.

Benjamin was teaching Evelyn how to shoot a pretend potato out of his mouth. Evelyn was enthralled.

This was two hours into a full day’s travel. Evelyn was not enthralled.

This was me, packed into the very back of the van on the above-mentioned full-day’s-travel. I was trying to be enthralled.

We were all enthralled with this. Sweeping Ev-uh-wyn.

The I Love Sweeping Ev-uh-wyn Fan Club.

This was the tear in our tire that we didn’t even know existed until we stopped for lunch on the above-mentioned full-day’s-travel. And we wouldn’t have even looked at it if a man hadn’t brought our attention to it at a stoplight.

And right around the corner from that stoplight was a Walmart with an auto center that was open on New Year’s Day.

We saw several blessings and answers to prayer during our Christmas break, that was just one of them.

We serve an awesome God!


What was your Christmas break like?

What do your shopping trips look like?

What prayers have been answered recently?

How much do you love my random, pointless posts?