At first, they all fit in the plastic bin they came in.

Then they were divided into two bins: Specialty Pieces and Ordinary Pieces.

After more time passed, we introduced the Lego Blanket. A large, beige, fleece blanket. Lego creations could stay out, but couldn’t leave the blanket.

But sometimes these creations needed to be transferred from the floor to the table. And back again. The more intricate inventions couldn’t handle these transfers, and so we introduced the Lego Tray. A large cookie sheet with a 1″ lip.

And then two trays.

Then three. One per Lego-Aged-Child.

Only, where did these trays go when they weren’t on the table or the floor? Why, on my desk, of course! Along with all the paperback books that need taped, my sewing machine and supplies, the printer, paintings, math tests, and all bills and financial papers.

And so began the brainstorming and scheming. We needed a new plan.

Finally, this week, my plan was put into action.

I present to you:


Each child gets one tray. If a Lego creation does not fit on the tray, it goes in the bin (the blue one on the bottom shelf).

The green bin on the middle shelf has all the directions, most of which have been laminated, hole-punched, and placed in binders.

And the Lego blanket is tucked on the top shelf, in case they feel like playing on the floor. With these trays, however, they just move their creations to the table and back.

It’s only been a day.

But I’m in love with The Lego Shelves.

How do you organize your Legos?