If you already follow me in Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, these may not be that exciting for you. But I decided I need these on record for my own sake! (And I’m not the type to do baby books and photo albums…)


I got to perform special music at Church last Sunday with my in-laws!  We sang “Cornerstone” by Hillsong.  So. Much. Fun!  They are so talented!



Our Christmas break ended and we went on a 10ish hour drive back to reality.  ‘Twas a time for solemn reflection.

(7 months old already.  ALREADY!)  Ok.  We can stop reflecting.  I’m solemn enough.



I’ve never personally seen the inside of a sardine can, but from what I’ve heard, this is comparable.



That’s a tear in our tire. Praising God we found it when we stopped for lunch. Right next to a Walmart with an auto center. That was open on New Years.  We wouldn’t have even checked it if a man hadn’t drawn our attention to it when we came to a stoplight. Blessings abound.



Evelyn fell asleep during our lunch stop.  We all told her not to, but she wouldn’t listen.



Still stopped for lunch.  Had to bite my lip to contain the squeal.  #Joy


nursing necklace

Enjoying our Christmas present. 🙂



Lazy Little Lady Legs



Search the nest in yonder tree;

Can you find my monkeys three?



With great hair comes great responsibility.



More milestones.  They’re one-on-top-of-another, lately.