I wanted Benjamin to keep better track of his time.
So I created a visual aid and went to print it off.

And then I saw all the papers I usually tape to our Wall of Achievement.
The pile was getting out-of-hand, so I looked for the tape.

The tape was empty,
So I hunted down the refill rolls.

I couldn’t find any refill rolls, but I found Command Strips and hooks!
So now my pot holders are hung neatly by my stove,

But I think I failed at the lesson about keeping track of time.

Maybe I’ll go print off a visual aid for myself as well…



The numbers are the hours of the day. The lines cross out both the hours we’ve used up and the hours we have already scheduled for other commitments. Such as quiet time, dinner, and sleep.

The remaining hours are those that are left to do our work and play.

So if we stare out the window instead of doing our math – er, or dishes – then we don’t get as much time to play.

How do you teach your kids (and yourself!) time management?