Today, we had our homeschool co-op. My older two had prepared presentations, as usual; and I had given up on Levi. He *is* only three, after all. If he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t have to. The only reason he’s even down there during presentation is because he refuses to go to nursery.

Well, while I was bouncing Evelyn to sleep, as presentations were beginning, I saw Levi lean over to Olivia and whisper something. Then Olivia sneaked around to the teacher. More whispering.

I had no clue what this was about. And I didn’t want to be all rude and talking during a presentation, so I figured I’d wait until afterwards to discuss polite listening skills.

Then the presenting child sat down. And the teacher announced, “I hear that Levi has a presentation for us today!”

At which point, I think my exact words may have been, “Bwah?”

I look to my right: Olivia is cracking up, with her head in her arms, on the table.

I look to my left: Levi is smiling ginormously as he slides off his seat and scurries to the front. His hair is tousled and overgrown. His pants aren’t snapped (as per usual) and therefore he clutches them with one hand as he runs to keep them on. Just so you have the complete mental picture.

He arrives at the front, looks everyone in the eye, takes a deep breath and…

Turns to me. And asks, “What do I say, Momma?”

I look at him, then the audience, then back at him and honestly declare, “I didn’t know you were going to say anything!”

There. Now everyone knows this is not my fault.

“Oh, I know!” he says,

“Hi! My name is Levi and I’m going to tell you a verse! God is good. And that’s all you need to know.”

After which, he ran back to his seat with a satisfied smile.

Yep. Not my fault.

I told the offending parties to smile. Levi said, “No.”