I just listened to a solid thirty minutes of testimonies, debates, arguments, and accusations from my children in a frighteningly realistic courtroom setting (which was really my kitchen while I finished dinner.)

Benjamin’s side:

  • Benjamin found a penny on the toy room floor.
  • He then declared that penny to be his.
  • Levi saw the penny and said it was his penny.
  • Benjamin said, “There’s no way that penny could be Levi’s.  It’s too clean.”
  • Olivia took the penny out of Benjamin’s hand and gave it to Levi.
  • He is accusing the other two of being liars and thieves.

Olivia’s side:

  • Benjamin found a penny on the toy room floor.
  • She told Benjamin it was Levi’s penny.
  • She claims to remember Levi finding that penny with Daddy on a walk recently.
  • Benjamin let her see the penny.
  • Benjamin started demanding meanly that she needed to give the penny back.
  • She gave the penny to Levi, since it was his.
  • She is accusing Benjamin of lying.

Levi’s side:

  • Benjamin found a penny on the toy room floor.
  • Levi recognized the penny and the open case next to it, which used to have a penny and now does not.
  • Levi asked “Pwease may I haff da penny?”
  • Benjamin said no.
  • Benjamin dropped the penny.
  • Olivia picked it up.
  • Olivia gave the penny to Levi.
  • Benjamin asked for it back.
  • He is accusing Benjamin of lying.

Evelyn’s side:

  • She just sat on the kitchen island singing a mash-up of “For the First Time in Forever” and “Let It Go”.

We went round and round and ROUND.

I discussed with Benjamin that just because he finds something doesn’t make it is.

I discussed with Benjamin that, if Levi is lying, he will eventually have to answer to God for that, but if he is NOT lying, then BENJAMIN will have to answer to God for not giving to Levi what was his.

Benjamin would not relent.

Levi would not relent.

Olivia, as the conscientious observer, would not relent either.

Then, I found a hardened lump of brown sugar while measuring for the meatloaf topping.

And I sold them all a bite.

For a penny.