Jesus v. The Shark

So recently, I started to get concerned that perhaps Benjamin thinks Christmas is only for Snobrods and other such luxuries we won’t let him get from the Wal-Mart check-out lane. (Or Meijer.  Or Target.  Or (Yes, he frequently requests that we search...

They’re Conspiring Against Me

Olivia: Watch Veggie Tales now? Me: No, let’s watch it later, when Michael (the boy I watch) is grumpy. Michael: [Starts screaming] Olivia: Michael grumpy now!

So The Kitchen Just Exploded

My head is spinning, my knees are weak, and my hands can’t stop shaking. I feel as though I just ran a mile. Or five. How many calories does one really good adrenaline burst burn anyway? Where to start… We were in Olivia’s room. Reading books. I...

We Have A Nemesis

Bad squirrel. Bad. In all fairness, though, Olivia did leave her babydoll outside. For many hours. With bread stuffed in her mouth.